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The Virtual Run Cradley to Strasbourg
We would like to say a massive thank you to Jo Maatsch from Kee Safety & Simplified France and everyone involved in the Virtual Run Cradley to Strasbourg. They raised an amazing £1000 for the hospice. 
The challenge
After so many months working from home and an injury each, Yumi and Jo needed a challenge to get them moving again. All the usual races and events have been cancelled, but they were inspired by the website that Mark recommended : My Virtual
The objective was to Run / hike / cycle / kayak the distance between Cradley and Strasbourg. With a target of covering the 1007 km within 12 weeks. 
What did they do 
Yumi and Jo both started running again regularly. Christoph took up kayaking. Richard started biking the 9km trip to and from work and sometimes he even comes home for lunch. They also did various bike rides and hikes with the children and friends ; every kilometre counted!
Challange complete 
The did amazingly well and completed the challange covering 01181km in 90 days. 
Well done to each and everyone who took part and thank you for all your support
Bassetlaw Hospice Wedding Favours
you might need something borrowed, you might need something blue and now we have the wedding favour just for you....
With the support from Jessica Mary Brett and Cherished Photography by Claudia we would love to introduce our brand new Bassetlaw Hospice wedding favours that will be available soon....
For more information please contact Debbie on 01777 710444 or email
Watch this space
Manor Farm, Oldcotes - Thank you
A massive thank you to Manor Farm, Oldcotes who raised an amazing £850 for Bassetlaw Hospice at their Spring Market.
Debbie and Bonney went to meet Abi and the team for the presentation and we are excited to hear about all the exciting events that are coming up this summer. 
Thank you so much to Abi, all the staff and members of the community who attended this wonderful event.
Thank you to John Hollis of Retford Angling Supplies

A huge Thank you to John Hollis of Retford Angling Supplies for the fantastic donation of £300 raised at the open day at Letty Lake Fishery.

Another great local business supporting the Hospice and we can't thank you enough. 


Eaton Production and their support for the hospice

Eaton production is based in Worksop and has supported the hospice for many years. They have raised funds for us in many ways including bake sales, raffles and coffee mornings as well as taking part in our sponsored events.

They also make donations to our shops ,twice a year they have a designated area where staff can bring in their unwanted items of clothing, toys, etc. which is then donated as  a whole

Eaton were also instrumental in helping us to get the funding, through their parent company, for our fabulous new spa bath as featured on Social Media.  

We are  looking forward to attending their Family Fund day again in the not too distant future

Thank you Eaton Production 

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