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100km bike ride in memory of Michael Shearman

On May 22nd around 500 cyclists will set off from Newark Showground as part of the Beyond Lincolnshire Sportive, amongst them will be  Phil Taylor, Jonathan Allbones, Wendy Woodward & Anthony Flear who will be cycling the 100kms (Medium route) to raise funds for the Hospice in memory of Michael Shearman.

If you’d like to support them please go to 

We’d like to wish Team Cuckoo the best of luck!

Created: 28-Apr-21 09:13

Thank you Co-op, Retford

The Co-op on North Road in Retford delivered this wonderful Hamper for the staff on Saturday. This gorgous hamper is full of treats and money off vouchers for the staff. This is part of their re-launch and we are so happy to be part of this. 

Thank you Co-op. 

Created: 26-Apr-21 09:02

Thank you to A W Bacon and Sons

A huge thank you to A W Bacon and Sons and their customers for their generosity, the nominal charge made for carrier bags and dog bones since November has raised an another £1,005 for the Hospice. Your continued support means so much to us.
Thank You from us all.
Created: 24-Apr-21 11:34

Thank you ASDA in Worksop

Service improvements here at Bassetlaw Hospice 

We have been looking at ways to enhance the services we provide here at Bassetlaw Hospice. 

One of our new ideas has been made possible with the help and Support from Laura at ASDA in Worksop 

Bonney, our Charity Operations Manager went to meet Laura at ASDA where she explained the project that we are starting. ASDA have kindly donated toiletries to make up 15 new welcome packs for our patients here at Bassetlaw Hospice. These packs are so important, sometimes patients arrive with very little and these welcome packs will help with the essentials that a patient may need and the information included will help patients and their families to really understand what is on offer and what we can do for a patient here at Bassetlaw Hospice. 

Watch this space for more information on the welcome packs and other new service improvements 

And once again, thank you ASDA! 

Created: 24-Apr-21 11:30

Thank you to Shaun and his wife

Shaun is a patient here at the hospice and with his permission we wanted to say a huge thank you for their generous donation of £100 towards our hospice gardens.

This will be used for additional flowers and plants that will be planted by our gardener Dale, who I know has enjoyed the conversations about the types of plants to get.

This came after the glorious sunshine and conversations about sunflowers.

Thank you so much for your support.

Created: 07-Apr-21 09:47

Another Bonkers Night Inn

Oh no, we are at it again.....
Come and join us for another Bonkers Night In with Debbie and Bonney. 
After the success of the last games night we have decided to hold one more before lockdown finally comes to an end!

Friday 9th April 2021 at 7pm 
Fun for all the family with prizes to be won 
Admission is only £10 per household 
Payment via Virgin Money Giving

For more information or to get involved please click this link:   

See you there!

Created: 30-Mar-21 11:10

Virtual London Marathon

Do you fancy a challenge - would you like to run in support of Bassetlaw Hospice?

We have 2 places left in the first virtual Virgin Money London Marathon. This is being held on Sunday 3rd October.
All finishers will receive the official medal and T-shirt.

You get 23 hours 59 minutes and 59 seconds to complete it and this can be done in stages throughout the day. 

Thinking about it? Complete our online form or e-mail Debbie @ to express your interest by the 16th April. 

Are runners so far are; 

James Cranswick - Click here to see Jame's  story or to show your support

Danny Harvey - Click Here  to see Danny's story or to show your support

Thank you.

Created: 24-Mar-21 10:52

10 in 10 Challenge

A group of 12 committed and passionate runners are taking on the challenge of completing
10 miles EVERYDAY, for 10 days. 
This will be completed around their daily commitments of work, families and every day stresses.
One of those passionate individuals is Sam who is one of our wonderful Clinical Nurse Specialists here at the hospice.
Not only is this a massive physical challenge it’s a mental challenge too and we wish everyone all the very best. We will be sharing the runners stories throughout the challenge. 
Starting on the 19th March.
Click here to see their story or donate:
Videos here: 
Taking place is;  

Samantha Sanders

Hi, my name is Sam, I work at Bassetlaw Hospice. Leading up to the event I have been completing my usual running training which usually consists of 2 training sessions, a long run and a recovery run each week. The average distance I cover in a typical week is around 35 miles so this is a massive leap for me, I do get fatigued and achy joints after a longer run usually, so ensuring I eat properly and get plenty of sleep will be key. I have pulled my back on Sunday and I’m struggling to walk at the minute without pain, so the next few days will be spent stretching and trying to improve this little issue, a trip to the physio may be in order.

Anyway, I see this all as part of the challenge, and look forward to seeing how I cope, mentally and physically.

Ali Mccurrach

Hi, my name is Ali and although I've always enjoyed exercise I was somewhat out of shape when I drunkenly agreed to take up the 10 for 10 challenge (Samantha sanders talked me into it on Feb 14th)
This left me less than 5 weeks to go from an unfit bloke into someone who can run 100 miles in 10 days. I started training straight away and ran 3 miles every day that week.
With 4 days left before the start I'm up to 6 miles a day. I've had blisters and sore muscles but it's all for a wonderful cause. I'll just have to jump into the challenge head first and have faith in myself. Good luck to all my fellow runners (I know I'm going to need a little)

Becky Chadwick

Ian Warton-Woods

Andrew Kinsley

Chris Bennett

Katie Whelan 

Sarah Hill

Josh Harding

Erika Tasker

Richard Cotton

Heidi Cotton


Created: 04-Mar-21 15:17

Serlby Park Golf Club have picked us to be their charity of the year 2021


A message from the Janet Batty, the Lady Captain;

My name is Janet Batty and I was Lady Captain of Serlby Park Golf Club in 2020 and since the year did not pan out as expected, I am to continue in the role in 2021.

I chose to support the Bassetlaw Hospice as my Charity and the Captain came on board as well. Unfortunately, due to lockdowns and the closure of the Clubhouse for much of the year, fundraising has been difficult. We did, however, manage to raise just under £700 from donations, quizzes, a couple of raffles and the sale of some golf clothes. We also sold £100 worth of sunflower badges in aid of the Hospice.

The good news is, as both myself and the Captain are continuing in our roles, we are also continuing to have the Hospice as our nominated charity. Hopefully, as things return to normal, we will have more opportunities to fundraise and in particular hold our Charity Day in August, which is our biggest fundraising event.

Fingers crossed!!!!!!

Created: 25-Feb-21 11:50

Thank you Retford Lions

We have received a very generous donation from the Retford Lions Club.

We have recently been presented with an amazing £1966.27 donation which has paid for all the furniture in the new relative rooms here at the Hospice.

We are very proud of the rooms we have at the hospice and the team are looking forward to being able to open the rooms back up once Covid-19 restrictions allow.

The Lions have been supporters of the Bassetlaw Hospice for a very long time now and we couldn't have done this without you 

Thank you Lions 

Created: 24-Feb-21 12:27

Bonkers Night In with Bassetlaw Hospice

Friday 5th March - Bonkers Night In 
Bonney and Debbie are hosting the first ever Bonkers Night In with Bassetlaw Hospice.
Scavenger Hunt and Quiz that is fun for all the family
Only £10 per household 
payment via Facebook or call 01777 710444 to pay over the phone.
Once payment is made email Debbie at for the access code, hosted via Zoom!
Starting at 6pm on Friday 5th March! Prizes to be won!
Teaser; What starts with an E and ends with an E but only contains one letter?
See you there!!

Bonkers Night in with Bassetlaw Hospice | Facebook 

Created: 19-Feb-21 12:12

In Memory of Jayne Reay

In Memory of Jayne

When Stuart Reay contacted the hospice to say that he wanted to start a Virgin Money Giving page for Jayne we knew we had to support him. The support and donations from friends and family has been overwhelming, in less than 4 days the money raised doubled the orginal target of £1000

Stuarts Story

In Memory of Jayne Elizabeth Reay, who sadly passed away on January 20th 2021 aged 64.

Jayne died at Bassetlaw Hospice in Retford where she was cared for in the last weeks of her life. Jayne had battled cancer for eight months, during which she endured numerous traumatic admissions via A&E to local hospitals that just weren’t geared up to give her the care she so much needed.

At Bassetlaw Hospice Jayne received the most unbelievable care from the amazing team there, and felt safe and cared for in her final weeks.

The total raised was £4,292.50

Thank you 

Created: 17-Feb-21 14:28

Lace City Chorus picked us to be their charity of the year!

 Lace City Chorus - The team's story 

In January 2021 we lost our very dear friend and chorus member, Karina Roe. Karina was a member of the bass section and performed on the front row. She had the unique ability to inspire and motivate everyone she met and was a dear friend to us all. She spread positivity and had a sparkle that we miss so much.

We are so blessed that Karina's talent, enthusiasm and kindness was a part of Lace City Chorus. In honour of her memory, the chorus are raising funds to help fund the purchase of a new electric reclining chair for the Bassetlaw Hospice, where she spent her last days. We hope that in small way we can help make residents more comfortable as the staff at the hospice did for Karina.

To donate, click this Link ....

     Find out more about Lace City Chorus 

Created: 17-Feb-21 14:04